"This product is great for mashing and making your own food for your baby. The mash and serve bowl made it easier to prepare simple and fresh foods for my baby. I am able to save money by mashing up fruits and veggies to provide essential nutrients my baby needs."

"Easy to clean and dishwasher safe! Just clean it with hot water and it comes right off. The ridges on the bowl make it easier to mash the food. At 9 months old we started to feed our daughter from pasta and rice to bananas and blueberries and it worked just fine "

The Perfect Mash Bowl Set

Every parent wants to ensure that their baby gets the essential nutrients to grow up healthy. The Lullababy mash and serve bowl set allows parents to easily prepare healthy and nutritious food at home. Our products are made with the highest quality materials and are free from any harmful substances. Each set includes a mash and serve bowl and a bonus baby fork and spoon which means that you are ready for mealtime!

Our Story

Ever since we first became parents we became obsessed with thinking about how we can provide the best life for our baby. How can we provide a life where our child can feel free to dream, laugh without worries, feel safe, and most importantly know that they are deeply loved?

This is the inspiration behind the Lullababy brand. We only make products that are of the highest quality and are free from harmful substances. Our products are made with you in mind so that you can give the best life to your baby.

Thank you for letting Lullababy be a part of your family.